Tips & Resources for Breaking into Work-for-Hire Writing

What Is Work-for-Hire Writing?

Definition: Writing where the author is paid to write a specific piece by a publisher but does not own the copyright.

  • Fiction or nonfiction
  • Picture book, chapter book, middle grade or young adult
  • Any topic or genre

Benefits of Writing for the Work-for-Hire Market

  • Publication credit 
  • Experience working to a deadline
  • Experience working with editors
  • Improved writing skills / process
  • Getting paid for writing
  • A huge confidence boost
  • Possibility of doing school visits
  • Quick publication

Can You Write Fast Enough?

You probably can with a few tips:

  • Pick genres/categories/topics you are passionate about or know a lot about
  • The word count might be shorter than you’re used to
  • Outline
  • Draft short than fill in description and interiority after you’ve laid out the bones
  • You’ll have an editor’s help with revision
  • For fiction:
    • Leverage publisher’s recent list to get sample texts for plot, character development, and pacing
    • Follow the formula
  • For nonfiction:
    •  Keep track of your sources; footnote as you go


Select Companies that Hire Work-for-Hire Writers

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