Math Test Mischief

Middle Grade Mystery – available September 1, 2019

The Math Test Mischief cover shows 4 middle-school kids who try to solve the mystery of the missing math testsIt’s April Fools’ Day at Harwington Middle School. The eighth graders are on guard for mischief, waiting to see who can top last year’s classic white-toothpaste-filled-Oreos prank. But fake cockroaches are one thing. Missing math tests and the threat of having to retake the test the following day-are something else. Who could have stolen those tests? Was it a slacker trying to force a retest? Or a lovesick boy hoping to protect a crush from a bad grade? How about a jealous teammate trying to frame the competition? Unless it was the prankster of all pranksters, trying to outdo himself in his last year of middle school. . . . Crack open a What Happened? book to investigate a preposterous mystery from four different perspectives. See what the witnesses get right . . . and what they get hilariously wrong. Bet you’ll never guess what really happened!

Author: Verity Weaver (pseudonym)
Illustrator: Courtney Huddleston
Publisher: Jolly Fish Press
ISBN: 9781631633126
Publication Date: September 1, 2019

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